Veronica Dolcich's Portfolio


2d Animation Reel

My current reel featuring various types of character animation and some compositing work.

Joshua Reanimated Sc. 151

My animated shot for Joshua Reanimated, a big fan collaboration reanimating the infamous Christian animated film, Joshua and the Promised Land.

Directed by YouTuber, Saberspark. Done in ToonBoom Harmony, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Myth-Logic Animation

My shots for the short film Myth-logic by the Exceptional Minds Morphin' Time club.

Directed by Jess Jerome. Done in TVPaint.

Remember… (MICA, Senior Thesis)

A child wakes up in a dark and desolate hospital with amnesia. As they traverse the halls, they come across a sentient stuffed animal and a colony of rats, who seem to hold the key to unlocking their memories…

Hydrophobia (MICA, Junior Thesis)

An intern is tasked to do janitor work at an aquarium, despite having a fear of water. When he discovers a mermaid in a nearby tank, she takes him to a world beyond his fears…