Veronica Dolcich's Portfolio


My Little Angel - Prologue Excerpt

Storyboard project for the Netflix Foundation Program. Mentored under Charlie Bryant.

Done in Storyboard Pro.

My Little Angel – Prologue excerpt animatic

The Dregs – Smerch Parkour

Storyboard assignment for Exceptional Minds' DND campaign, The Dregs.

Done in Storyboard Pro.

The Dregs – Smerch Parkour animatic

Wallykazam! Storyboard test

Storyboard assignment using test audio from the Nick Jr. show, Wallykazam!

Done in Storyboard Pro.

Wallykazam! test animatic

The Fox and the Lion Storyboards

Storyboard assignment based on the Aesop fable, The Fox and the Lion.

Done in Storyboard Pro.

The Fox and the Lion animatic